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The breakthrough United Silicon Carbide xJ series of 1200V JFET's are the industry's lowest RDS(on) SiC transistor device. This market milestone for silicon carbide enables best in class converter and inverter system efficiency through incorporating the lowest figure of merit (FOM) switch commercially available. The depletion mode xJ JFET series takes advantage of silicon carbide's significantly superior performance over silicon, offering the user the best wide bandgap switch at standard 175°C Tj max. When appropriately packaged, the xJ series is capable of operating at temperatures of 250°C and beyond.

The xJ series is targeted for use in power conversion circuits where efficiency counts. Applications such as high-end Server and Telecom SMPS, PC Silver box and solar inverters all demand the performance of Silicon Carbide JFET's to meet the latest efficiency standards and regulations, with motor drives, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), electrical vehicle (EV) and other consumer AV markets all embracing the Silicon Carbide advantage.

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