Sirectifier Electronics Technology Corporation

Sirectifier Electronics Technology Corporation was founded in 1993 and is a professional manufacturer of Power Semiconductors, Mosfets and IGBT’s. Sirectifier Headquarters is based at 15 Fulin Road Xilin Industrial Park Zhonglou District Changzhou Jiangsu China and 150km distance from Shanghai. Sirectifier also have branches in Los Angeles USA as well as Shanghai China.

Sirectifier has over 8400 m² of clean room for the production lines. They offer OEM branding for major international companies and trade under their own brand Sirectifier. The corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of Semiconductor devices and is a global supplier of products and services in the field of Power Electronics. It is one of the biggest manufacturers of Power Semiconductor modules in China with over 20 patents for new technologies and products.

    Sirectifier Products Include:
  • IGBT and IGBT modules
  • Schottkey Barrier Diodes
  • Ultra Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diodes
  • SCRs and Thyristor Modules
  • Triacs
  • 1~/3~Bridge Rectifiers Modules
  • Diode and Diode Modules
  • Snap-in and Screw type Electrolytic Capacitors
  • IGBT Snubber Capacitors

Sirectifier Product Ranges

Sirectifier IGBTs • Sirectifier IGBT modules • Sirectifier MOSFETs • Sirectifier Schottkey Barrier Diodes
Sirectifier Ultra Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diodes • Sirectifier SCRs and Thyristor Modules • Sirectifier Triacs
Sirectifier 1~/3~Bridge Rectifiers Modules • Sirectifier Diodes • Sirectifier Diode Modules • Sirectifier Snap-in Electrolytic Capacitors
Sirectifier Screw type Electrolytic Capacitors • Sirectifier IGBT Snubber Capacitors