Leclanché Capacitors

Manufacturers of top quality capacitors since 1919, Leclanché Capacitors has satisfied customers all over the world. Leclanché manufacture specific capacitors that fit specific needs and budgets. With a team of developers at your disposal, Leclanché can design in days and then manufacture within just a few weeks exactly the capacitors that you need.

Specialising in high-voltage and power capacitors, Leclanché serve a variety of industries: railway, aeronautics, medical, induction heating, soldering, welding, industrial laser, electrical storage, PLCC, instrumentation, defense, power electronics, and many more.

    Leclanché Capacitor Products:
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester, Polysytrene
  • Electrolytic
  • High voltage, High Temp
  • DC Link
  • Custom


Leclanché Capacitor Product Ranges

Leclanché Polycarbonate Capacitors • Leclanché Polypropylene Capacitors • Leclanché Polyester Capacitors
Leclanché Polysytrene Capacitors • Leclanché Electrolytic Capacitors • Leclanché High voltage Capacitors
Leclanché High Temp Capacitors • Leclanché DC Link • Leclanché Custom Capacitors